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Featured Projects

Luxurious & Open

This is a luxury custom home located on a large lot with contemporary interiors, magnificient views, ample sunlight, open space plan...

Elegant & Efficient

Located on a tight lot, this house makes use of all available space, large kitchen, two master bedrooms, large deck facing green space...


Started with an efficient basement design that the client liked that they requested to redesign the kitchen and dining areas...

What’s New?

  • JULY

4800sqft Custom designed Home in Springbank Hill. This house has everything one could imagine - home theatre, elevator, 5 Bedrooms, magnificient views, sunny


Custom Home, Rocklake Estates, Calgary   

3200 sqft Custom designed home in Rocklake estates completed by the builder...

New Perspectives In Home Design



As we are now embracing Yoga, there is also an awakening to the ancient wisdom of Feng Shui and Vaastu Shashtra. The science behind these is based on the flow of energy as well as the energies inherent on the land, the occupants and the materials used. It is said that if location is favourable a house can be a spiritual retreat for its occupants...



With the technological advancements in Computer modelling, 3D modelling of spaces and houses is now becoming a standard. Althoughg it is still time consuming, but one can now test creative ideas on the fly and help clients visualize their spaces before they are physically built ...



Better Housing Envelopes, Proper Orientation, Solar & Wind Energy and Efficient Appliances are already being used to create passive and/or net-zero houses that generate as much energy as much as they use (Net Zero). It is only a matter of time when this is the norm as it drastically reduces the operational  costs...

Our Promise

We will strive to deliver excellent customer service, respond to your requests in a timely manner and will provide you with best possible options for your projects...

Our Standards

We believe that hand sketching and drawing are the best tools when designing homes and spaces initially ...

Once the design is somewhat conceptualized we leverage the industry standard technology to prepare detail drawings, 3D models and renderings...